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When you need me…you come around.
And when you see me…oooo…I play the clown.
Well, you deceive me. You tell me lies.
And then you leave me… oooo…it makes me cry.

I hear you breathe. I hear you sigh.
You say you need me…then say goodbye.

It’s all a game, a toss of the die.
You play to win, I play to survive.

‘cause when you need me…you need a fool.
You never free me…oooo…you make the rules.
You know you use me…then run around.
And you abuse me…ooo…and bring me down.

You better choose. I think it’s time.
Or you might lose me. Make up your mind.

Well, you know you’re gonna leave, gonna say goodbye.
Never settle down with me, always make me cry.
Next time, baby, when you come around.
I’m gonna take your little game, flip it upside down.

You better heed me.
And please believe me.
‘cause if you leave me.
Then, when you need me.

I’ll say goodbye…say goodbye…just say goodbye, girl…
Ooooo…say goodbye.
Say goodbye, now.


from From My Mind to Your Ears (2013), released July 1, 2013
Music/Lyrics: Jack Nimersheim

Special thanks to:
Kevin Sweeney - guitar



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Jack Nimersheim Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

Fifty years!

A half-century. That's how much time has passed since I first stepped on stage, picked up a guitar, and started playing music for the folks "out there".

Lucky for you, no recordings exist of those early performances. The albums on this page, however, provide a pretty good retrospective of the music I've been fortunate enough to help create, over the past fifty years.

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